Have You Read “The Will of the Many” (My Early Thoughts)

Yes, a new Brandon Sanderson novel just dropped to Kickstarter backers. But it will have to wait, because I’m absolutely hooked on a novel called The Will of the Many by James Islington, and I want to invite you to read along.

A friend (Pete) recommended The Will of the Many, knowing how much I like Red Rising. It’s set in the past rather than the future, and it’s in a fantasy setting. Similar to the Society in Red Rising, the “Hierarchy” (as it’s known in this world) uses a willpower-based system set in a mysterious foundation that I’m still learning about. Parts of the book are also set in an academy.

Willpower is the central concept of the “magic” system in the book. Basically, the people of this world have found a way to tap into their willpower, often ceding it to those above them in society and leaching it from those below. It’s a great allegory, and it manifests in people gaining supernatural strength and other powers.

I’m a little over halfway through, and I’m absolutely hooked. The story is great, the characters are fun to follow (especially the main protagonist), and there are so many elements to discover. I highly recommend it, and you’re welcome to read along with me!

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