Two Very Different Movies: Fast X and Love at First Sight

Movie night this weekend featured two films that could not be more different: an over-the-top action movie and a cute, quiet romance. Here are my thoughts.

Fast X: I confess that I enjoy the Fast & Furious series. The ever-expanding cast is impressive, the action scenes are thrilling, and they deliver a decent number of laughs (some with the movie, others at the movie). Megan and I played a little drinking game while watching: Whenever a character said the word “family,” we took a sip (we each got through around 1.5 adult beverages this way). Also, Jason Momoa is a delightfully silly villain.

Love at First Sight: After subjecting Megan to Fast X, I suggested a rom com for our second movie of the weekend. Netflix’s “Love at First Sight” has good reviews from critics and viewers, and after watching it, I agree! It’s a sweet film about a potential romance, statistics, a wedding, and a very touching memorial that left me in tears. I’d say that the film is more drama than it is romance or comedy, but that isn’t a problem. Also, I absolutely love the soundtrack.

What did you watch this weekend? Anything to recommend?

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