Dad’s 70th Birthday

Today would have been my dad’s 70th birthday if cancer hadn’t gotten him in early 2022.

I called my mom to celebrate and mourn together, and we tried to imagine what Dad would have done today. Probably spent some time outside working on yard, perhaps taking a walk. Maybe visiting with the grandkids. And almost certainly enjoying some nuts–Dad loved nuts of all kinds.

With the nut theme in mind, Megan picked up a pistachio croissant and I got a pint of pistachio ice cream, and we had a special midday snack in Dad’s honor. Of course, it would have been significantly better to spend Dad’s 70th birthday with him in Virginia if he were alive and well, but his memory lives on.

Happy birthday, Dad. I miss you, I love you, and I appreciate you for guiding me for 40 years.

5 thoughts on “Dad’s 70th Birthday”

  1. Hi Jamey.

    I’m sure it must be a hard day for your and your family, but I hope you can take some comfort in the great memories you have of your dad. It’s very nice that you and Megan honoured him in such a personal way, remembering how much he liked to eat nuts.

    I hope you, your mom and Megan are all in good health.

    Happy birthday Mr. Stegmaier and may you rest in peace.

    All the best,



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