My Newest Musical Love: Bardcore

A few years ago I watched the charming movie Austenland, which is about a fictional resort in which everyone pretends to be in a Jane Austen novel. One of the lasting benefits of the movie for me was the soundtrack–there were a few covers of songs with minstrel instrumentals. I had never heard anything like it.

Flash forward to a few days ago when I was over at a friend’s house, and I noticed their Alexa was playing a very similar type of music (but without words). It was then that I learned that there is a musician who makes music in this exact style; they’re called “Bardcore.” It’s European medieval-sounding music of modern pop songs, and I’m absolutely delighted by it and wanted to share it with you.

Have you discovered any new musicians or music genres that fit you perfectly?

5 thoughts on “My Newest Musical Love: Bardcore”

  1. I have 2 examples (well, 4 actually) that aren’t exactly Bardcore, but that might be right up your alley if you like Bardcore.
    – In the Netflix series Wednesday, the title character plays “Paint it black” by the Rolling Stones on her cello. I think that version is just perfect. It reminds me a bit of what the band “2Cellos” does, but it is less rough.
    – I don’t know if you have seen the Apple TV+ series “Dickinson” (if not, I can recommend it), but it’s a refreshing mix of scenes and stories from the time of Jane Austen (well, a bit later actually), combined with modern concepts and modern music. It’s quite the mix. And that in turn reminds me a bit of Moulin Rouge, which is set in 1900, but has some modern day elements (like a cover of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit) as well.

  2. I’m running a D&D adventure for a group of budding players ~ boys and girls aged 10-13 next Saturday. I now know what I’ll have playing as background music…thanks, Jamey!


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