If Superman Existed, What Would He Actually Do?

Random question of the day: Imagine that tomorrow, the news breaks that someone (we’ll call them Superman, but it could be anyone of any gender) has woken up with incredible superpowers. Speed, flight, strength, invulnerability, etc. On top of all that, they’re up to the task: They want to use their powers for peace and prosperity?

But…then what?

Part of my question is about the sheer scale of the world. In the comics, Superman focuses mostly on (a) Metropolis and (b) entities who want to kill him. Metropolis pales in comparison to the rest of the world. Yet there’s no shame in that choice, because Superman has to make some kind of a choice. He can’t stop every illegal act everywhere–he has to pick some priorities (and deal with the burden of knowing the unchosen people are suffering even though he could have helped them instead of others).

Then there are all the nuances and gray areas of the modern world. Even charities encounter these challenges: Even the best intentions have side effects, unintended consequences, and tradeoffs. What’s good to one person is bad to another. That’s particularly the case for country- and region-level conflicts.

If you were this person–Superman–what would you do to help those outside of friends and family? What, where, and who would you focus on? Would you try to make a small impact for a lot of people or a big impact for a few people?

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