My Top 10 Favorite Disc Golf Courses in St. Louis

I’ve had so much fun playing disc golf over the last 3 years. We play nearly every weekend in St. Louis, and we often look for local courses when we travel.

Today I thought I’d share my favorite courses in St. Louis. I’m generally open to playing any number of courses here, with some of them dependent on weather and how much time we have. Usually our group chooses a course we simply haven’t played in a while. Most of these are within a 20-minute drive.

Didn’t quite make the list (but still worth playing once a year): Logan University, Bunker, Carrolton, Hillside

Honorable mention: New Melle is a beautiful course, though I’m not quite counting it for this list, as it’s a 45-minute drive outside St. Louis. It’s also a bit on the long side, but it’s well worth playing if you have the time.

10. Hudson: I love a lot of things about Hudson, especially the variety and number of ace runs. But Hudson is brutal for finding errant discs–there’s so much ivy and bramble.

9. Endicott: I love the variety at Endicott, and aside for a few baskets, the trees are mostly spaced out.

8. Lakeside (Creve Coeur): This is one of the more open courses in St. Louis, and I always have fun while I’m there. It can get a little crowded, and it is not good on windy days, as just across the street is a big lake.

7. Schroeder: I don’t think many people in my group will agree with me about Schroeder, but I have fun every time I play here. There are quite a few wooded baskets with tight passages, but there are also around 6 more open baskets. This course is highly seasonal, though.

6. Crestwood: This is a new, beginner-friendly course at a local park. I think it’s a great place to work on mid-range and putting techniques.

5. Jefferson Barracks: This longer course is one of my favorites to play after it rains, as there are lots of elevation changes that prevent most of the course from getting muddy. We just played here last weekend.

4. White Birch: While this may be the muddiest course in St. Louis, it’s also full of ace runs with consequences if you overshoot the basket. Sometimes I like to try to throw as far as possible, but more often I like to focus on precision, and that’s what White Birch is all about.

3. Watson: Just barely edging out White Birch is Watson, a 9-basket course in a nice park. When I’m in the mood for a quick round, this is my go-to course. It also drains really well after a rain, and it happens to be the location of my first ace.

2. Willmore: Willmore Park is a little on the longer side, but it’s a really fun course to play. There aren’t too many trees, there are multiple strategies for most baskets, and there’s a great variety of longer and shorter baskets.

1. Unger: My favorite course in St. Louis is the one that has the most built-in variety. There are several baskets with tight but clear fairways within range of a fairway driver, several in a wide-open field, and then a back 9 in the woods where you have a clear chance of getting to the basket. The only downside to Unger is that it does not handle water well, but other than that I’m always happy to play here.

What’s your favorite disc golf course (or your top 3) in your area?

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