Are You Watching “Monarch”? (My Thoughts)

My understanding of Apple TV’s “Monarch” when I first heard about it was that it was a drama set in a post-Godzilla world. Basically, if the movies were real, what would happen next?

Critic and viewer ratings of the show have been really high, so we recently decided to dive in to see if we were missing out. I have to say, I’m really impressed by what we’ve seen so far (around 4-5 episodes in).

Most surprising to me is the amount of screentime the monsters get. I was expecting almost no footage of them, but they appear in every episode, and the special effects are top-notch.

The show is also doing its best to get us to care about the characters, and I think it’s mostly succeeding.

Perhaps most importantly, I like how the show addresses the hook of what a world looks like when there’s a very real threat of skyscraper-tall monsters appearing out of nowhere. How do you respond? How do you rebuild?

I’d recommend the show, and I’m hopeful that the first season ends as strongly as it began. If you’re watching, what do you think?

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