Have You Watched “Living With Yourself”? (My Thoughts)

I’m delighted that the first new-to-me show we watched in 2023 was Living With Yourself, because I absolutely loved it! It’s a half-hour, 8-episode dark comedy on Netflix starting Paul Rudd…twice.

I remember hearing about the show and thinking the twist wouldn’t appeal to me, but boy was I wrong. The hook of the show is that Miles (Paul Rudd) goes to sleep in a spa and wakes up in a shallow grave. He makes his way back home, only to find a much refreshed version of himself in his home with his wife.

The show delves deep into the question of: If there was suddenly an exact copy of yourself with your memories, how would you proceed? Living With Yourself takes it a step further to posit that your clone has a fresh perspective on life, while you’re stuck with all the baggage and uncertainties.

Paul Rudd is incredible in the show, especially since he’s often acting directly opposite himself. His acting combined with superb hair and makeup results in two very different versions of Miles that you can tell apart instantly whenever they’re on screen. It’s almost as if they were filmed at two completely different times in Paul Rudd’s life.

Also, the show uses the Pulp Fiction method of showing you perspectives of different characters at different times. You’ll watch an entire episode primarily from one character’s perspective, then the next episode will jump forward 5 days or back 24 hours from someone else’s point of view. I find this entertaining even without the clone hook.

The show does get deep and dark at times, but it’s all very personal (other than the hook, it isn’t a sci-fi show at all). I highly recommend Living With Yourself, and I’m curious to hear your thoughts if you’ve watched it.

2 thoughts on “Have You Watched “Living With Yourself”? (My Thoughts)”

  1. I really enjoyed this show too! Aside from all the obvious bits, the soundtrack that was always a bit on-edge really added to it. The album’s not for everyone, but most of it’s pulled from Anna Meredith’s album, “Fibs.”


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