Has a Stranger Ever Invited You to Their Wedding?

Over the last year, I’ve received 10 invitations and save-the-dates to weddings of complete strangers.

All of these have come in the context of Stonemaier Games. These are people who have spent many hours with each other at the tabletop while playing our games, which means the world to me. So while I don’t know them personally, there is a connection.

I must admit, though, that I don’t fully understand the invitation to attend these weddings. Weddings aren’t cheap–aren’t people fairly selective with whom they invite, even among family and friends? Do they really want me to show up?

So I’m wondering if many of these are more like token gestures: We’re excited about our big day, and we’re already sending 100+ invitations–here’s a way for you to get to know us in the same way that we feel like we know you through your games. Maybe something like that?

What’s particularly interesting to me is that this never happened until around a year ago, and so far I’ve received at least 10 of them. Is there a trend in play that I’m not aware of?

I haven’t attended any of these weddings yet. To be honest, I have pretty high social anxiety even at weddings of people I know, so to attend a stranger’s wedding–even one that didn’t require travel–would make me incredibly nervous. Perhaps someday the right circumstances will align and I’ll make it happen, though first I’m curious to hear your thoughts on whether or not you think people actually want me to attend or if it’s more of a gesture.

12 thoughts on “Has a Stranger Ever Invited You to Their Wedding?”

  1. I have words but my humor may not translate well on the internet. So I’ll leave it be.

    My husband said if I made it a requirement that Jamey Stegmire be invited to the wedding…then we wouldn’t be married. Sorry, I guess you would not be on our list. 🙂 Don’t worry, no board game-related person would be invited – I was counting the cost of every fork and napkin for my wedding, I don’t think we could afford you and Megan. Maybe Megan. We did have a whole extra table; 10% of guests who RSVP don’t attend.

  2. It’s not a token gesture. An invite always has to be followed through . I’m sure anyone inviting you to their wedding would love you to turn up , as odd as going to a strangers wedding is! 🙂

    • Thanks Mark! I think it’s the save-the-dates that throw me off a little bit, as there’s no RSVP on them (unlike the actual invitations). But perhaps it’s just part of the invitation process.

  3. Actually there is a trend with sending invites to companies that often times will send a wedding gift, though not attend. Could be that… thought showing up would probably be funny.

  4. To preface, I am a believer in your company, I became a champion and then an ambassador because I like to show other people how great your games and your company are. I also have a lot of respect for you as a person.

    I would not send an invite based on that alone. I did invite plenty of people that we game with, heck several of them were groomsmen, but these were people that I had built a relationship with over the years.

    That said, I would gladly send you an invite to game night. Just let me know when you’ll be in the Champaign IL area on a Saturday 😉

  5. The stranger-est people who invited me to their wedding were people who I worked with in my organization but weren’t really close. I have to admit, I don’t like weddings, I don’t like formal social events in general. I have one coming up this July after years I haven’t been to one and I’m secretly dreading it although I am looking forward to spend a few days in New York. I also hope I don’t have to wear a suit, I always tell my wife that our own wedding is the only time I hope to wear a suit in my life. So far that’s the way it’s been.

  6. I wish I could be invited to a strangers wedding. I’d have to find one in my area that I can crash that’s convenient. Tried twice, but I was too late. I’ve only been invited to three weddings in my whole life and the first one was ten years ago.


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