What Do You Do with Leftover Pickle Juice?

Every month or so, I get a craving for dill pickle spears. I eat 1 a day for about a week, and then I’m left with a jar full of pickle juice. I loathe wasting food, but I usually end up pouring the juice down the drain.

Now, I know some people use dill juice for pickleback shots (using bourbon or whiskey). I haven’t tried that, and I want to, but I don’t drink much, and I’m well past the “let’s do shots!” stage of my life.

When I ran into this dilemma a few days ago, coincidentally I had also just run out of salad dressing. It dawned on me that pickle juice could make an excellent base for salad dressing, and a quick web search yielded several recipes. I ended up going with this one, which I recommend and will summarize below:

  • pickle juice
  • mayo (I used about a tablespoon of Japanese mayo)
  • avocado oil
  • honey
  • mustard

It was super simple to make, and I had all ingredients on hand. Plus, it scratches that pickle craving just a little bit every day!

What do you do with leftover pickle juice? Are there any other food waste hacks you like?

4 thoughts on “What Do You Do with Leftover Pickle Juice?”

  1. I mix pickle juice with my body Mary mix. I call it a bloody pickle-it’s excellent. Also if you ever have leg cramps, a swallow of pickle juice will stop the cramps instantly. It’s concentrated electrolytes.


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