Are You Watching Survivor 46 and/or Deal or No Deal Island? (My Thoughts)

Survivor is back! We’re two episodes in at this point–both clocking in around 90 minutes–and of course I’m loving it. We’re still getting to know this year’s cast, but there’s such a great variety of personalities and dynamics in play.

Last season, Survivor switched to longer episodes, and it worked great. I think the longer format has been even better this year, as we’re given extended time at camp with the contestants. I love the challenges, strategizing, and idol hunting, of course, but the casting of the show is so good that I also just want to hang out with these people for 90 minutes.

The challenges and minigames also continue to be really well designed. The first episode featured a simple card game between 3 strangers that require 1 person to tell the truth, another to lie, and the third to tell the difference. The second episode ends with a group puzzle that truly required teamwork (a rarity among Survivor puzzles). Amazing show!

That brings me to the other island-themed show we’re currently watching? Deal or No Deal Island. This was off my radar until I saw that Boston Rob from Survivor is a contestant on the show. I dug a little deeper to learn that the hook of the competition is pretty clever: The cast spends the first half of the episode competing in challenges to earn the briefcases that will be used in a Deal or No Deal game later in the day. Whoever contributes the most expensive briefcase wins the challenge and gets to pick the person who plays the game. If the person plays the game well, they select someone to go home; if they don’t play well, they go home.

On top of that, the money earned from the “deal” in each end-of-episode game is earmarked for the final episode, when one contestant will play the game to take home the money. So the winner could easily take home the biggest prize I’ve ever heard of for a show like this–potentially $3-4 million.

It’s far more entertaining than I imagined, and while it could probably use a little refinement for future seasons, so far it’s an impressive debut. The cast is mostly comprised of regular people (reality stars like Boston Rob are outliers). If you like Survivor, I think it’s worth checking out.

What do you think so far of the current seasons of either show? I haven’t watched the third episode of Deal or No Deal Island, so no spoilers! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Are You Watching Survivor 46 and/or Deal or No Deal Island? (My Thoughts)”

  1. We’re currently watching the current season of Survivor Australia, and have an added interest this season as one of my wife’s work colleagues- Kirby – is in the show and doing very well at the moment – so we’re glued to the tv each night it’s on. Unfortunately she’s sworn to secrecy so can’t divulge anything, even though my wife keeps probing her for gossip/info at work 🤪🤪🤪

  2. Like you I wasn’t really interested in the D or ND Island until I saw Boston Rob was on. We said we would watch one episode and decide. So far we are still watching.

  3. I did like the puzzle challenge that required true teamwork by everyone. I also like the new danger idols with the – come back to box feature. Having the same type of danger idols is boring.

    I am conflicted about the continual losing of flint. It seems like the weak just kept getting beat on. I think a challenge where multiple members (3 or more) go home would prevent the vote the strong person, lets just make the merge if we keep losing mentality of the last few seasons where one tribe gets whittled down to 3 or where they need to redraw teams. Maybe go back to 2 tribes to start?

    I would still like to see a season of all “muscle” players. Warrior Season! I would also like to see a season of all “schemer” players who are not physically strong. Wit Season!

    • I agree about losing flint. The players already have plenty of incentive to give their all to the challenges, and even with flint their resources are limited. I don’t like seeing Jeff take away flint.


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