Have You Watched “Death and Other Details”? (My Thoughts)

For the last few months, Hulu has been trying to get us to watch an original show called Death and Other Details. I’m glad we did, as I’m really enjoying the show through 8 out of 10 episodes.

The show follows the mold of Knives Out, The Afterparty, and The White Lotus in that it’s a mystery showcasing really rich, alluring people in a beautiful location. It features a total of three detectives–different types of people–trying to solve several things that happen (no spoilers), and it’s full of surprises.

I really don’t want to give anything away, but I’ll mention one tiny thing: In the first episode, a character is referenced as the “world’s greatest detective,” a common trope in this genre. When we first heard that line, I paused the show, turned to Megan, and asked if she could name even a single real-life, living detective (I can’t either). It’s fully fictional construct, right? I poked at the show a little about the trope but eventually moved past it, only to discover later that the show also pokes at the trope! I was already fully sold by that point, but it took my investment in the show from 98% to 100%.

I highly recommend it if you enjoy this genre (especially if you’re open to a show bending the genre past its standard constraints). I eagerly await the final two episodes.

Do you recommend any mysteries like this (books, movies, or shows)?

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