What Did You Think of Dune: Part Two? (My Thoughts)

After a week of preparations (rewatching Part 1 and playing Dune Imperium multiple times), I had the pleasure of seeing Dune: Part Two at the St. Louis Alamo Drafthouse on Friday evening. I ordered the special Dune-themed hummus, which was tasty but very spicy.

I thought the film was excellent. It is (with Part One) one of the most visually evocative live-action films since Mad Max: Fury Road. Everything looks real, as if it was filmed on location in the future. The black-and-white portion was particularly evocative.

Dune is also quite weird, and the movie embraces that weirdness in all the right ways. It doesn’t try to make us comfortable with the weirdness, nor does it explain or justify the oddities of this universe, yet it’s still welcoming. I’m not entirely sure what I’m trying to say here–it’s just neat to see a big, sprawling, epic sci-fi film that takes itself seriously, respects the audience, and is so weird (but not for the sake of being weird).

I recall being annoyed with Paul when I read the first Dune book, but he’s much more humble and likeable in the movie. He’s very vocal about just being another person right up to the moment when he realizes he needs to be the person everyone wants him to be. I also really like how the movie approaches the topic of religion–how it can be a force for good, but it can also be twisted, manipulated, and self-fulfilling.

Also, the action is superbly filmed. You know exactly what’s happening at all times, so you can just sit back and enjoy the scene. My favorite is probably the scene of Paul riding the sandwyrm, the camera right behind him as he tries to hold on, but I also loved the scene where they attack the spice harvester despite the threat of the thopter.

Have you watched Part Two? What did you think?

2 thoughts on “What Did You Think of Dune: Part Two? (My Thoughts)”

  1. I really enjoyed it. I feel that Denis along with Timothée managed to capture the Paul’s desire to avoid the future he saw really well. I feel the 1984 film had Paul embrace his role far too easily while these films showed him actively fighting it for as long as he could before finally accepting it was the only path he could take. It makes me even more excited to see where he takes the story with Dune Messiah.
    Zendaya’s expanded role and performance helped emphasise that combined with Rebecca Fergusson’s portrayal of Jessica being almost gleeful that Paul has taken that path.


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