Why Aren’t People Talking About Narwhals All the Time?

Every now and then I hear someone talking about how cool it would be if unicorns were real. Sometimes I am that person. Unicorns seem pretty amazing.

But then I remember: Unicorns exist! It’s just that we forget about them because they exist in water, not on land. They’re called narwhals, and they’re amazing:

Can land unicorns grow tusks that are 2 meters long on average? Can they boast having 10 million nerve endings in their tusk? Can they dive nearly a mile underwater in freezing temperatures for up to 25 minutes?

I’m not sure why we’re not talking about narwhals more, so this is just a reminder that they’re out there doing things we never even imagined unicorns could do.

What other amazing animals should we talk about more?

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