What Is the Best Dark Chocolate?

Megan and I recently attended what I thought was going to be a chocolate-making class at the Botanical Gardens, but it turned out to be a chocolate-tasting class–even better! During the class we learned about how chocolate is made and different ingredients to look for on packaging to determine the quality and sustainability of the chocolate. … Read more

Have You Ever Visited a Speakeasy?

Earlier this evening I visited my first speakeasy, and it was amazing! It was a little like an escape room combined with a bar: We entered through a nondescript door at The Foundry in St. Louis, “bypassed” (thanks to the hostess) a futuristic door, walked down a long passage that led us underground, entered another … Read more

Goat vs GOAT

The recent episode of Survivor gave me food for thought in a few different categories (including yesterday’s post about hide-and-seek vs sardines). My other pondering that emerged from this episode–and Survivor in general–is: Why do we use the terms goat and GOAT to mean nearly opposite thing? A “goat” as it’s most often used in … Read more

What Is the Most Rewatchable Movie?

This is mostly just a question for you. I’m curious about what you think is the most rewatchable movie and why. You could also share what movie you’ve actually watched the most (though that doesn’t necessarily make it the most rewatchable). Part of the reason I’m thinking about this is that we’re planning to rewatch … Read more

Did You Witness the Eclipse?

Today in St. Louis and across the midwestern US, we witnessed either a partial or total solar eclipse (depending on your exact location). Megan and some friends headed about 90 minutes south to be in the totality zone; I opted to stay with Walter and work. I was prepared with the glasses and various eclipse-themed … Read more