April Fools 2024

April 1 has evolved quite a bit for me over the years, ranging from well-meaning office pranks at my first job to silly office celebrations at my second job. I’ve always been of the mind that the best “pranks” might offer some misdirection and a good laugh for all parties involved (and only those who want to be involved), but no inconvenience or suffering.

Once I got into the business of making products (board games), I started viewing April Fools through a different lens. April Fools content from or about businesses can lead to quite a bit of confusion when viewed out of context, which is quite easy on social media. That same post about a fake product you chuckle at on April 1 will still be there on April 2. For that reason, I didn’t do anything April Fools related at Stonemaier Games for years.

Then I learned about a new twist on fake product announcements: Some companies actually make the zany products they announce on April 1. Inspired by those companies, over the last few years we’ve made magnifying glasses, silly t-shirts, disc golf discs, and plastic containers for holding chocolate eggs.

This year we made chocolate.

We’ve partnered with longstanding local St. Louis chocolatier Crown Candy Kitchen for a special April 1 treat: Creamy milk chocolate in a 1.5oz custom bar (sets of 4 or 8). I love Crown Candy’s chocolate, and they offer custom molds (typically for corporate events or parties). I have a few on my desk right now, and they’re delicious. They’ll be available through April 8.

What silly-but-real products did you find on April Fools?

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