Ghostbusters, X-Men ’97, and Other Content That Taps into Nostalgia

Recently I watched the new Ghostbusters movie and the first episode of the new X-Men animated series. Both attempt to capture yesteryear nostalgia in different ways, just like the last Jurassic World movie and Spider-Man movie tried to do as well (I’m sure there are many other recent examples too).

Ghostbusters is still fresh on my mind, so I’m processing it, but overall I think I like how they handled the nostalgia factor. The presence of most of the original actors gives the world an extended scope, opposed to winking at the camera or calling back too much (other than one quick visual gag) to the original films. They simply felt like part of an alterate version of New York where ghosts are real and people have been dealing with them for decades.

I’ve only watched the first episode of X-Men ’97, though I hope to watch more. This was one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons when I was young, and I think it’s really clever that the animation style seems to be exactly the same as 30 years ago. Yet they’ve still updated it by adding a lot of clever uses of abilities and teamwork that I don’t recall seeing as often in the original show. I need to watch more of it to see how must nostalgia plays into the show.

What are your thoughts on nostalgia done well vs cringeworthy nostalgia?

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