Have You Ever Visited a Speakeasy?

Earlier this evening I visited my first speakeasy, and it was amazing! It was a little like an escape room combined with a bar: We entered through a nondescript door at The Foundry in St. Louis, “bypassed” (thanks to the hostess) a futuristic door, walked down a long passage that led us underground, entered another bunker-like door, and found ourselves in a beautifully decorated bar.

The bar is actually two rooms, with one of the rooms hidden behind another secret door (a big mirror). The whole vibe of the place was, “You’ll want to share these secrets with someone else,” which is absolutely well-deserved.

Perhaps that most fun aspect of None of the Above (NOTA) is a special way to order drinks. There’s a robust menu of delicious sounding beverages, but you can also fill out a brief form about your alcohol preferences (strength, liquor type, sweetness level, etc) and the bartender will invent something on the spot for you. We did this twice, and each time our drinks were unique. Apparently, if you declare your love for a new drink fast enough, the bartender will note the ingredients and name it after you for you to order again on future visits.

I had an amazing time at NOTA and will return soon. Have you ever visited a speakeasy like this? I was reminded while writing this that my good friend Trevor (who enjoys seeking out this type of place) wrote a guest blog 11 years ago about another speakeasy.

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