Was This the Best Episode of Saturday Night Live of All Time?

The writers on SNL really seem to step up their game for certain performers, and Ryan Gosling is one of them. One of his sketches from 8 years ago has garnered a ridiculous 60 million views. Perhaps part of the reason is that Gosling fully embraces his characters but also has no qualms with breaking–the combination seems to feed the regular cast around him.

So I had high expectations when I heard that Gosling was returning to SNL as host this past weekend, but even my loftiest expectations were exceeded by every single sketch. I can’t just copy and paste all of them, so I’ll instead focus on my 4 favorites.

For this first one, I was literally giggling hours after watching it (while trying to fall asleep), particularly that Gosling doesn’t know the host is talking about him.

Pretty much anyone could have stood in for Gosling for this sketch, but he elevates it by seamlessly switching back and forth between doting fiance and whispering conspirator. I can’t tell if the line about Brad at the beginning was scripted or improvised.

Papyrus is one of my all-time favorite, most rewatched sketches, and the sequel is almost as good.

Definitely the weirdest sketch of the night still made me laugh consistently, especially when they start talking about Cookie Crumbles.

Do you consider this episode to be among the best? What was your favorite sketch?

3 thoughts on “Was This the Best Episode of Saturday Night Live of All Time?”

  1. Unfortunately, none of the videos work over here (region restrictions), but as a graphic designer, I am a huge fan of the Papyrus sketch. 🙂

  2. Ryan is one of the best ever. But Adam Driver is up there. The bring your dad to school oil baron skit he did is one I watch any time I am in a bad mood and I laugh every single time.


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