10 Things I Can’t Live Without

The title of this post is a misnomer. I can live without these things, and I try not to get caught up in materialism (which is difficult with my love of tabletop games!).

That said, I recently enjoyed watching some of the “10 Things I Can’t Live Without” videos on GQ’s YouTube channel. They feature celebrities sharing 10 items that are essential to their life; things they frequently use, are important to them, and that they love enough to recommend to others.

I started thinking about this and compiling a list just for fun, and I ultimately broke it down into 10 categories, each with a few different items that I use often, greatly appreciate, and recommend. I’ll just list them here, but I can explain further in the comments if you have questions.

  • entertainment: Kindle (and a Flippy pillow on which to place it), deck of cards, Innova Aviar3 disc golf disc
  • hygiene: Oral B Glide floss, Tweezer Guru tweezers, and American Crew hair fiber
  • creative: Pentel 0.5 mechanical pencil
  • clothing: Vuori pants, MeUndies boxer briefs, Dicuird fuzzy slippers, Bella Canvas t-shirts
  • food: Aoosy ice cream spoon, Kakao chocolate, Kerrygold butter, a big plastic water cup
  • technology: computer mouse, iPhone (favorite apps)
  • accessories: a slim wallet, my farmer’s market bag, ebags luggage
  • comfort: Ocoopa electric hand warmer, heated blanket, Coop Home Goods adjustable pillow
  • health: Jason non-mint toothpaste, Zyrtec daily allergy medicine, Promiseb dry face cream, New Skin liquid bandage
  • sentimental: book of Biddy photos from Artifact Uprising

What are some items you would put on your list?

4 thoughts on “10 Things I Can’t Live Without”

  1. entertainment: I like HBO and Netflix, but could live without TV altogether. I could do with a MAME emulator for classic 80’s video games and playing cards.

    hygiene: Waterpik, my bidet, proper shampoo & conditioner for my hair (Pureology), a great handheld shower head.

    creative: my kitchen gadgetry and recipes (largely America’s Test Kitchen), my charcoal grill, my gas grill, and an extra fridge & freezer in the garage, power tools

    clothing: COMFY clothes, New Balance shoes with a rollbar in them so I don’t roll my ankles all the time.

    food: Baskin Robbins chocolate chip ice cream, Strauss vanilla bean ice cream, aromatics (garlic, onions, peppers, citrus, etc.), My metal, insulated water bottle that has two screw-down caps – one to put ice in, and one to drink from. Ice water is my favorite; fresh lemonade is a close second.

    technology: my smart phone and my computer with wifi – banking app, email, Facebook, and Amazon are about all I would need app-wise, I think. Clothes washer/dryer. My car should likely fall in there somewhere too, I suppose.

    accessories: a good raincoat and boots, fishing gear for trout & bass

    comfort: my husband, foam topper for my bed, crisp sheets (Authenticity50), GREAT AIR CONDITIONING, access to good pain meds when needed.

    health: My necessary medications, access to decent doctors and hospitals

    sentimental: cremains of my pets and my mother, my favorite things that remind me of my mother, the tail hair bundles I kept from each of my two horses when they passed. My close friends

    Wish list: a walk-in pantry, proximity to great trout fishing, big property with multiple guest cabins and a rescue ranchette.

  2. That’s an interesting list to make! Mine would probably look a bit like this:
    – entertainment: a minimal collection of board games, one of my many headphones or pairs of earbuds, because I love music
    – hygiene: Mennen deo stick
    – creative: I can’t come up with anything here as I use every little sheet of paper I find and every pen to scribble down ideas and to make drafts. If I’d have to pick anything, probably my cutter knife?
    – clothing: my nerd shirts, my hat, my sun glasses, my smart belt
    – food: pasta — any kind will do. And Nutella. And Belgian chocolate, of course.
    – technology: I’m a technology freak and I use many devices on a daily basis, but if I’d have to choose between my iPhone, my iPad, and my Mac, I would choose my Mac without a single doubt. It’s my powerhouse. I can create anything I dream with it. The rest are toys. Also, on the non-IT side of technology: a dishwasher is strictly unnecessary, but it brings SO much quality-of-life improvement that I’m including it here too.
    – accessories: a good backpack
    – comfort: a cozy tv blanket, the AC units in our bedrooms
    – health: Zinc oxide cream for some parts of my skin
    – sentimental: photos


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