Have You Watched Fallout? (My Thoughts)

We’re 3 episodes into the first season of the new Fallout show, and despite knowing almost nothing about the Fallout world, I’m loving it.

Fallout is set in an alternate version of America (and the world?) where a series of nuclear explosions end the world as we know it for a few hundred years. There are survivors both on and below the surface, and the show follows 3 of these people.

The format of the show uses one of my favorite storytelling methods: Each episode begins with a scene from the distant or recent past to teach us more about the world and/or a specific character before spending most of the episode in the present with that character. This is particularly compelling in Fallout because I genuinely want to know what happened in the past (in general and to these characters).

The production of the show is just as superb as the acting, and I was pleasantly surprised that there’s a sense of humor to the writing despite the seriousness of the apocalyptic landscape. For me, it’s also a bit too violent and gory at times, but it’s based on a video game, so I get it.

We still have a lot to watch and learn, so no spoilers, but I’d love to hear your first impressions of Fallout in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “Have You Watched Fallout? (My Thoughts)”

  1. I also knew nothing about the Fallout story/the video game, but I was hooked from the first episode and ended up binge watching the whole series in a few days. I thought the acting and production values were really impressive, but like you I wasn’t a fan of the amount of gore in the show, but it does probably replicate the video game in that respect. I hope you enjoy the rest of the series – no spoilers from me.

  2. My wife and I just watched episode 4. It’s a bit too violent for her, but I like the dark humor, and enjoy all the references to the video games. It reminds me of a more humorous version of “The Last Of Us”.

  3. Never played the games or knew anything about the world, but really enjoyed it as well. Great mix between action, humor and world building.

  4. I loved it. I am aware of the games and played a little bit, but the show has a great cast and its weird and fun.

  5. I think it’s fantastic, and one of the all-time best examples of a TV adaptation of a videogame.

    I’ve played all of the games (except the most recent ones) however I wouldn’t say that I’m a fan, and in general, post-apocalyptic settings are generally a turn-off for me. But the games are good RPGs, so I played them anyways.

    For the show, they absolutely nailed the grim-but-funny tone of the games, the satirization of 50s era corporate/consumerist culture that permeates the games. My wife, who hasn’t played the games and also doesn’t love post-apocalyptic stuff, also enjoyed it a lot.

    I think the three main characters also did great acting jobs (particularly Walton Goggins and Ella Purnell).

    I’m thrilled that it’s being so well received and that it, along with other good video-game adaptations like Last of Us and Arcane, are just the beginning of a trend of videogame adaptations actually being good more often than not.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I really can’t wait for Arcane to release more episodes–I absolutely adore the first season. The Last of Us was great too.


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