How Do You Recharge?

I spent the last 4 days at an amazing gaming convention here in St. Louis called Geekway to the West. I’ve used the word “intense” to describe my experience at the convention, as I’m often learning games back-to-back-to-back and interacting with many different people in and between the games. My brain and energy are on overcharge the entire time.

This is a good thing. I love learning games with a variety of people, and I love connecting with people who say hi or want to chat. It’s incredibly invigorating, but by the end of the day I need to recharge for a bit, so I typically head home around dinnertime. Honestly, it’s one of the reasons I primarily go to Geekway but not other conventions–I really value the local nature of the convention. The comfort of home provides me far more serenity than a hotel room in a distant city.

When I get home from Geekway each night, I typically eat dinner, watch a show or two, and catch up on office work, followed by my normal nighttime routine (including reading for 30 minutes or so while Walter sits on my chest and purrs). I sleep like a beast after a day at Geekway.

I’m curious how you recharge after a particularly intense day. Is there anything specific you do?

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  1. To me it’s very different if it’s work intensity or gaming intensity. I spent the last three days in a board gaming retreat in a cabin up in the mountains. It was intense as far as gaming goes. But after every day, I needed only 6 hours asleep and start over again. My mind was wired the whole time but I didn’t feel the explicit need for a downtime.

    Work is different though, I do need to recharge. Usually it’s a TV show we are watching in the night (right now Dark Matter) and a solo board game after with my favorite seasonal fruit. before bed.

    • That’s great! I wonder how much the sheer number of people played into my exhaustion at the end of the day (compared to a smaller gaming retreat).

  2. As far as Geekway-recovery, I recharged by reading a chill romance novel with Luna on my chest, purring — it’s basically the best medicine for anything that ails me. I also did some yoga, which felt really good after all that sitting.

    • Walter plays the role of Luna for me while I’m reading at night, and there’s definitely something therapeutic abou tit. 🙂 I’m glad yoga helps too–I need to try that. I did work out on Sunday morning, which I usually wouldn’t do on the weekend, and that was helpful.

  3. I work as a CNA, so I have alot of intense work time. How I “recharge” is I play games on my computer, do crafts, talk to family, play with my dog. Just really just try to wind down while I’m at home.

  4. I’m so glad you had another great Geekway to the West, and good to see you caught up with Carol from the Mill. I had a similar intense period of teaching games (a lot of teaching Apiary and Wyrmspan) at a convention (Meeplecon) late last year, and Bunnycon over the Easter weekend this year – both were 4 day conventions starting at 8-9am through to 11pm on each day, including the setup and packup – and although I was tired I was also really excited/invigorated by both conventions – and surprisingly the way I chose to recharge was to actually sit down and quietly play a lighter game or 2 with my wife who I hadn’t seen over those few days. Generally, however, if I’ve had a long and stressful day, I will generally recharge by either reading before I go to bed, taking our dog for a walk, or sitting on the couch with my wife to watch a tv series or movie…..oh and playing board games of course.

  5. Jamey,
    Depending on the day, it’s either breaking out a very puzzly solo game like Mage Knight or a 5-mile run. Both allow me to escape from the shackles of the day and just engage in something totally different.


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