I Highly Recommend “Fall Guy”

Normally the title of this post would be, “Have You Watched Fall Guy?”, but not all that many people saw this excellent movie on opening weekend. I’m here to highly recommend it, as I had a blast watching it in the theater.

Fall Guy pays homage to some of the unsung heroes of film and TV: stunt people. It’s about a stunt man who just wants to reconnect with an old flame, but some pesky protagonists get in the way. It’s funny, it’s thrilling, and it’s delightfully meta (part of the movie is about filming another movie).

The movie is full of memorable moments, including:

  • A long, uncut shot to start the movie that has you rooting for the key characters within minutes.
  • A split-screen discussion about whether or not to use split screen in the movie-within-the-movie.
  • One of the best exposition scenes in any movie to explain the history of a relationship in the context of a stunt.
  • A phone call about machismo, love, and pain.

The film also ends with one of the best end-credits clips in any film: It shows the stunt people performing the stunts for the movie. Why don’t all action movies do this? It would be such an incredible way to thank the stunt people who put their bodies on the line for our entertainment.

I’ve watched 24 movies so far this year, and Fall Guy is at the top of the list. It’s really entertaining, and I highly recommend that you watch it in the theater if you have the opportunity to do so. Let me know your favorite moment if you do.

What’s your favorite new-to-you movie of 2024 so far?

4 thoughts on “I Highly Recommend “Fall Guy””

  1. As a parochial Aussie I observe that the movie is set in Sydney, with spectacular stunts on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and at the Sydney Opera House.

  2. I’d been looking forward to this coming out as the trailers looked great plus I’m a fan of both Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling and they delivered a great performance. Not to mention Hannah Waddingham, Winston Duke and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.
    I also loved the fact that it brought up the fact there are no Oscars awarded for stunt work, something it seems many in the industry are now calling for. They truly are unsung heroes.


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