Set It Up and the Success of Set Ups

I love rom com films, most of which are now direct-to-streaming, which is fine as long as they’re quality movies. Last year had an exception in Anyone But You, which did well at the box office and had some memorable scenes. After watching it, Netflix recommended a rom com from a few years ago called Set It Up, so we settled down on a Friday evening to watch it.

As it turns out, Set It Up is one of the best rom coms I’ve seen in the last 5 years. It has more of a focus on comedy than romance, but that’s fine: It’s consistently funny, often by using the method of including a third person in the room for any interaction between 2 characters. Set It Up does this time and time again–in an apartment, in a jewelry store, in the elevator control room, in the elevator–and the third person elevates the comedy every time.

The main focus of the film is about two characters who want to make their work life a little easier, so they try to set up their bosses (both of whom are typical movie bosses: Overbearing, harsh, inconsiderate, and self-centered). In a way, it’s classic rom-com faire, but with excellent modern writing from Katie Silberman (Booksmart, Isn’t It Romantic).

I really enjoyed Set It Up and would recommend it for a weekend movie night when you want something light, silly, and funny (in fact, pair it with Unfrosted for a weekend of hilarity). Have you watched any great rom coms recently?

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