What I Learned from the Cable Guy

A few months ago I started using a web app called StreamYard to create videos, livestreams, and liveplays for Stonemaier Games, but I’ve noticed some issues with lagging and decreases in quality. A helpful fan recommended that I test my internet speed via TestMy, which I did, resulting in the discovery that my upload speeds were much lower than they should be.

Long story short, our internet provider sent someone to fix our internet. Dontrell showed up on a Saturday afternoon, probably hoping (like me) for a quick visit. But it ended up taking around 2 hours, and I actually didn’t mind, because we had a really good chat about a wide range of topics, some superficial and some fairly deep. It was nice just to talk to someone and learn about them, especially at a time when there wasn’t much else I could do. He seemed like a really good guy.

Dontrell shared a few things from his job experience that I thought were worth mentioning here:

  • He goes on a lot of house calls for older people, and he said that he sees far more elderly women than elderly men. After he noticed this pattern, he started asking questions, and he heard the same story over and over: Most of the elderly women had husbands who had passed away because they didn’t regularly go to a doctor, avoided going to a doctor despite an issue, or didn’t listen to a doctor’s advice.
  • Around 90 minutes into the visit, Dontrell got a “safety check” call from the cable company–a good standard procedure to look out for your employees. I asked him if he had ever replied to that type of call with any concerns. He hadn’t, but he said the odds were that he’s encountered some really bad people. He gives himself peace of mind by telling himself that bad people want internet too! He did mention that there were a few times where people made him really uncomfortable, like a guy who just set up a meal right in front of him and silently ate while Dontrell worked. Another guy just started playing “Beauty and the Beast” on the piano without any prompting or context.
  • He recommended that I get a new wireless router, and I said I was a little concerned about reconnecting all of the many devices. He suggested a trick that actually worked quite well: When you get a new router, give your wifi the exact same name and password as before. That way when your devices look for that network, they’ll find it and will be able to access it seamlessly.

Have you recently had a nice chat with someone unexpected? What did you learn from them?

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  1. We had to have a plumber come out last year and fix our water heater. He was a good friend of my cousin, and I learned that with technology advancing, his job is more tech support than it is plumbing anymore. He knew exactly what part was broken just by reading the code our water heater gave him.


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