What Would You Do in Front of a Portal to Dublin or New York?

This is so cool: There is now a portal between Dublin and New York!

It’s not quite a stargate. You can’t walk through the portal. But you can look through it and see people looking through the other side from thousands of miles away. So it’s kind of like a public Zoom call with bunch of strangers. I still think it looks awesome, though:

Brendan McDermid/Reuters

If I saw something like this in St. Louis, I would linger for a few minutes, wave, and try to communicate a little bit. Unfortunately, it appears that a few people went with a more leud approach (I’m not sure if it was on the New York or Dublin side), and the portal is temporarily turned deactivated.

What would you do in front of such a portal?

2 thoughts on “What Would You Do in Front of a Portal to Dublin or New York?”

  1. Hi Jamey!
    The idea of this portal is fantastic and could be used as a really cool window to see what is happening on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, a minority of people on both sides have abused it and ruined it for everyone.
    It is very unfortunate because when used for its intended purpose, it can be wonderful. And in fact, the vast majority of people on both sides of the portal were really enjoying using it appropriately. Many people just like to wave to people “across the pond”, some people played Rock, Paper, Scissors, and people who have family in the other city have arranged to go in front of it to wave hello.
    I think it would be fun to play charades or bring a whiteboard and play Pictionary or something like that. It could also be used for festivals – it would be nice to show the people of New York some St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Dublin for example.
    I really hope that they find a solution and get it back up and running soon. What a wonderful and novel idea!


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