Can You Handle the Heat?

Perhaps I’m stating the obvious here, but I’m very concerned about how hot the world becoming. We’ve known about global warning for a long time, and now we’re really starting to feel it.

Movies have shown us a few different versions of this future. There’s Furiosa, which I watched recently from the comfort of an air-conditioned theater–it potrays an endless desert. There’s the dusty drought of Interstellar. And there’s Finch with Tom Hanks, which showcases a world so hot that you’ll get a sunburn if exposed to the sun even for a few seconds.

Unfortunately, I think we may see all of these futures, combined with more wildfires, more blackouts as we turn up the AC, and more deadly heat waves.

It’s all hard to conceptualize as we sit comfortably inside. But imagine a hot summer day–100 degrees and higher–when you lose power because too many people are using AC. It’s too hot to go outside, and it’s too hot to be inside. Where do you go? Do we start living underground?

How do you feel about this? Is there hope for the future?

4 thoughts on “Can You Handle the Heat?”

  1. I cannot handle the heat. I’ve never been heat tolerant, and I don’t have control over it. If there is no A/C, then I’ll have to rely on cool-to-cold showers or the a/c in my car. I hate being uncomfortably warm.

    • I’m worried about that too. I used to keep my house temperature close to 80, but now 75 is my sweet spot.

  2. Have you read Robinson’s novel Ministry for the Furture? It’s an honest and frank assessment of things that nevertheless manages a certain optimism.


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