Have You Read “Fight Me”? (My Thoughts)

When Austin Grossman releases a new novel–particularly one that’s superhero themed–it’s an instant purchase for me. I enjoyed You and I loved Soon I Will Be Invincible, so I was really excited when I heard he had a new book, Fight Me.

Fight Me is pitched as “The Avengers meets The Breakfast Club.” It’s about a version of the modern-day world when having super powers is slightly more common than our reality. Four teenagers with special powers (one the result of an artifact, one because she’s from a fairyland world, one due to augmentation, and one who is just really really smart) are forced to go through a series of tests together after an incident at their school.

The novel jumps around in time quite a bit. It starts around 20 years after the original bonding experience, with each character separated and past their prime. Grossman is a master at this non-chronological literary technique, as it leads the reader to ask just as many questions about the way things were as they ask about the way things are or will be.

I don’t want to spoil anything else, but if you enjoy standalone superhero fiction (this isn’t the beginning of a series or part of an existing IP), I highly recommend Fight Me. Let me know what you think if you read it or if you have any other recommendations in this genre.

2 thoughts on “Have You Read “Fight Me”? (My Thoughts)”

  1. Bought this on your recommendation. Arrived yesterday – over 100 pages in already. Great so far. The characterisation of each character so far is nice. Interesting with the time jumps.


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