Have You Watched “Hit Man”? (My Thoughts)

One of the movie surprises for me so far this year is Hit Man, which released on Netflix this past weekend. It stars Glen Powell, who has had a great couple of years with Top Gun: Maverick, Anyone But You, Hit Man, and the upcoming Twisters, as a university professor who moonlights for the local police as someone posing as a hit man.

The distinction between his character as an actual hit man vs someone posing as a hit man was an interesting twist. The movie suggests that there’s no such thing as an actual hit man or woman, but there are people who try to hire hit men. When they do, someone like Powell’s character–someone working for the police–is the person you end up speaking to.

The movie cuts between Powell’s character (a) discussing philosophical ideas about personality (whether you can choose or change your personality), (b) working with the police and meeting with “clients” in various costumes, and (c) going about his personal life. Of course, those three elements end up entangled.

It’s a really good movie. It’s really well acted, written, and directed–we were invested from start to finish. It keeps you guessing, and it’s consistently true to its characters. It also features one of the best scenes in any movie I’ve seen this year (despite it being a relatively simple scene involving two people and a phone in a living room).

I highly recommend Hit Man, and I’m curious to hear your thoughts if you watch it.

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