Older Movie Weekend: Broadcast News, The Spanish Prisoner, and Coherence

Megan is out of town for a long weekend trip, so I took the opportunity to watch some older movies I don’t think she’s interested in. Here are my thoughts on each:

Broadcast News: I’ve seen this 1987 film lauded as one of the best romantic comedies of all time, but I have to say that wasn’t my experience. Maybe I just have something against movies and shows about the news, but the level of pretension and self-importance about the news in the film is staggering (I believe in the importance of the news, including factual and investigative reporting, but it is one of many important jobs in this world). This ends up overriding the romantic and comedic elements of the movie, though there is one very funny scene with a character sweating heavily when he has the rare chance to anchor the news. Also, it was neat to see the younger versions of these actors. Overall, though, I wouldn’t recommend Broadcast News.

The Spanish Prisoner: Despite very much looking its age (1997), this con man movie is excellent. I think someone had pitched it to me as a heist movie, and in a way it is–it’s just that the heist is being performed on the main character instead of the main character performing the heist. It’s a movie that lets you feel smart in what it allows you to deduce while still surprising you in scene after scene. I highly recommend The Spanish Prisoner (which is not about Spain or imprisonment–it’s the name of a con).

Coherence: From the snappy dialogue alone, I knew a few minutes into this low-budget 2013 film that I was going to enjoy it even if the speculative nature of it didn’t pay off. So it was a delight that it’s not just a fun movie–it’s a great science fiction movie about a group of friends who have a very surreal evening as a comet passes slowly overhead. While the premises are quite different, I’ll say that if you enjoyed Primer, I highly recommend Coherence.

Have you discovered an older movie recently that you enjoyed? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Older Movie Weekend: Broadcast News, The Spanish Prisoner, and Coherence”

  1. I saw Private Ryan recently. I liked it more than I thought I would. I also saw Band of Brothers recently which isn’t a movie, but it might have made it to my top 10 movies/series.


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