Which of These Fictional Doomsday Scenarios Is Scarier?

Imagine you woke up tomorrow to news reports of one of the following in a distant city.

  1. A giant reptilian beast 20 stories tall is rampaging through the streets, crushing people and breathing fire.
  2. Endlessly multiplying swarms of 8-inch flying locust-like insects with stingers the size of bananas are devouring every living creature within reach.

Which of those scenarios is scarier?

This weekend we watched Godzilla Minus One, which is an absolutely amazing film. Unlike some of the recent Godzilla movies, the big monster is very much the antagonist in this film, and he is terrifying. (The film is set in post-WWII Japan, and the human-level elements really elevate the movie. I highly recommend it.)

Godzilla is very scary, whether he’s halfway across the globe or in your front yard. But I have to say that the latter scenario got under my skin even more. It’s presented briefly in one of the many multiverses in the show Dark Matter, and I can’t shake it. How does survive that scenario? With Godzilla, at least there’s only 1 of him and a really big world. But with millions of giant insects that descend upon all organic matter and devour it within seconds, what do you do? Stay inside forever and hope they don’t find a way in? That seems unlikely.

What do you think? Which is scarier?

6 thoughts on “Which of These Fictional Doomsday Scenarios Is Scarier?”

  1. The idea of multiplication is scarier. It’s explored on the book Graffiti on the Wall of the Universe (third book in the excellent Sorrow Falls series by Gene Doucette). It’s scary and intriguing because there almost no defense from it. It’s a neat sci-fi idea that I haven’t seen before.

  2. “Endlessly multiplying” anything is much scarier to me. AS a veteran of the Air Force, I feel confident in defeating one beast…I do not have the same confidence in eliminating a constantly multiplying foe.

    • I appreciate you sharing the inside scoop on what you would prefer! I’m with you–definitely 1 instead of 1 million.


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