Are You Watching “The Acolyte”? (My Thoughts)

I love Star Wars, and I was a little worried after seeing the poor reviews for The Acolyte–Disney’s newest show–on Rotten Tomatoes. But now having watched the first 6 episodes, I’m enjoying the show and am looking forward to the final 2 episodes.

The Acolyte follows a former Jedi-in-training who goes on the run after being accused of killing a Jedi master. It’s set before Episode I, which I think is new to the Star Wars universe–it’s a time when Jedi are plentiful insted of rare.

The show plays out like a light Star Wars movie, with each episode ending almost abruptly (I think it’s worth watching multiple episodes in a row). It looks great–the production value is excellent–and it doesn’t pull punches. It also features a few twists and turns, along with a new reveal that impacts lightsaber combat.

While it’s no Andor or Mandalorian, I’m having fun watching more live-action Star Wars, especially set in a time we haven’t seen before. How are you feeling about it?

2 thoughts on “Are You Watching “The Acolyte”? (My Thoughts)”

  1. What would be your ranking of the Star Wars TV shows? Curious because I watched the Mandalorian and found it to be OK but it hasn’t inspired me to watch more. Wondered what might be worth watching next! 🙂


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