Have You Watched “If You Were the Last”? (My Thoughts)

If you and someone else were the last people (on the planet, an island, etc), what would your relationship look like?

This is the question posted in the 2023 rom-com film “If You Were the Last,” which we watched on Peacock over the weekend. It flew completely under my radar, and I’m sorry it didn’t–I really enjoyed it.

We meet the film’s two characters, Jane and Adam, 3 years into space mission. They have no coms and no navigation system, but they have renewable supplies, a surprisingly spacious and cozy living environment, and gravity.

It’s clear that Jane and Adam have become great friends, and they pass the time watching movies, dancing, and talking. Their conversations are a major highlight of the film, as they cover a variety of topics, including a big spoiler topic that I won’t mention here.

The film has a mild Wes Anderson aesthetic that I absolutely think was the right choice. There’s no attempt to make outer space look real; rather, it looks like a paper mache project. Likewise, the interior of the ship looks like a 1970s Americana house.

I really enjoyed If You Were the Last, and I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a rom com with some adult situations. If you’ve watched any other great rom coms recently, let me know about them in the comments!

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