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Jamey Stegmaier is the president and co-founder of a board game startup called Stonemaier Games. He is the author of a Kickstarter-related book called A Crowdfunder’s Strategy Guide: Build a Better Business by Building Community.

Jamey has had two short stories published, including “The Urban Parasite” in Reflection’s Edge. He has an article, “Adopting Me: An Adopted Child Shares His Perspective,” published on Crosswalk.com (see also the follow-ups by his birthmother and his parents), as well as an uncredited co-author credit for Innovate!: How Great Companies Get Started in Terrible Times.

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You may link to any of my posts on your blog (in fact, I’d LOVE it if you did ) if you limit the content you paste from my blog to partial content (not a full blog entry) and if you properly introduce it so your readers know the difference between your writing and mine. You may use photos from my blog without caption credit as long as you link the image back to the entry on my blog. Please note that only the photos of me and my cats are owned by me.