How Do You Recharge?

I spent the last 4 days at an amazing gaming convention here in St. Louis called Geekway to the West. I’ve used the word “intense” to describe my experience at the convention, as I’m often learning games back-to-back-to-back and interacting with many different people in and between the games. My brain and energy are on … Read more

10 Things I Can’t Live Without

The title of this post is a misnomer. I can live without these things, and I try not to get caught up in materialism (which is difficult with my love of tabletop games!). That said, I recently enjoyed watching some of the “10 Things I Can’t Live Without” videos on GQ’s YouTube channel. They feature … Read more

What I Learned from the Cable Guy

A few months ago I started using a web app called StreamYard to create videos, livestreams, and liveplays for Stonemaier Games, but I’ve noticed some issues with lagging and decreases in quality. A helpful fan recommended that I test my internet speed via TestMy, which I did, resulting in the discovery that my upload speeds … Read more

I Highly Recommend “Fall Guy”

Normally the title of this post would be, “Have You Watched Fall Guy?”, but not all that many people saw this excellent movie on opening weekend. I’m here to highly recommend it, as I had a blast watching it in the theater. Fall Guy pays homage to some of the unsung heroes of film and … Read more

What Is the Best Dark Chocolate?

Megan and I recently attended what I thought was going to be a chocolate-making class at the Botanical Gardens, but it turned out to be a chocolate-tasting class–even better! During the class we learned about how chocolate is made and different ingredients to look for on packaging to determine the quality and sustainability of the chocolate. … Read more