30 Rock

30 Rock Explains Relationships in Two Lines

30 Rock Explains Relationships in Two Lines

On 30 Rock this week, there was a line that both made me laugh out loud and offered a key insight about relationships. Liz: What makes a guy get bored in a dating situation? Jack: Questions like that. The only change I’d make is to replace “bored” with “lose interest in.” I say that because […]

The Best TV Episodes of the Season…So Far

The Best TV Episodes of the Season...So Far

This list only includes show that I watch (and not even all of those shows–I love Modern Family and The Event, but neither have singular episodes that apart from the rest). Feel free to add your favorites to other shows (or these shows) in the comments section. Mad Men: Mad Men has moments of humor, […]

A Few Things That Need to Be Said

(Courtesy of Charles of Judicial Peach fame) What’s with people always saying “thanks” when they perform a service for you? I asked my landlord for a copy of a key. She put it under my door with an envelope marked “Thanks!” She performed the service for me—wouldn’t her response be “you’re welcome?” Jamey: This is […]

Supersize Me, NBC

Remember those “supersized” episodes of Friends that took 40 minutes to watch but were really just as long as normal episodes because of all the commercials (okay, commercials plus one or two scenes that should have been deleted and wouldn’t make the cut for a normal episode)? Remember those? I want supersized Office and 30 […]

Fist Names: More Important than Your Middle Name

It is my wish that none of you ever have to get in a fist fight. I never have, and I hope to keep it that way. What’s my secret, you ask? Do I consistently choose flight over fight? Am I quick with diffusing wit? Do I simply avoid dive bars, raves, and elementary school […]

MILF Island

30 Rock and The Office returned. Glory be! I haven’t laughed in four solid months in anticipation of these shows. I thought the writing seemed a bit off, as if the writers had been on some sort of a strike, but they were still pretty funny. Much better than any show with a laugh track. […]