April Fools 2024

April 1 has evolved quite a bit for me over the years, ranging from well-meaning office pranks at my first job to silly office celebrations at my second job. I’ve always been of the mind that the best “pranks” might offer some misdirection and a good laugh for all parties involved (and only those who … Read more

April Fools 2021

Since I started running a company, I haven’t done much with April Fools, despite all sorts of shenanigans at my previous jobs. With more responsibility comes fewer pranks, as the saying goes. Today, however, I had a bit of inspiration as I sat down to write my company blog post. I had an idea for … Read more

April Fools!

One of my favorite holidays is April Fools Day, but ever since I started running a board game company, I’ve avoided playing any pranks because I don’t want to confuse our customers. I finally found a loophole, though: Instead of joking about a fake product, we needed to make a real product that pokes fun … Read more

The Airport Story

So, I wasn’t sure if I was going to tell this story, because once I put it on the blog, it’s permanent. But what good is a story if I don’t tell it on my blog? I mentioned earlier this week that I traveled to Virginia to speak at my old high school and spend … Read more

The Cat Food Diet

I go grocery shopping about once a week. I wouldn’t call it a hassle, but it’s certainly not super convenient. Even with a specific list, I often spend 60 minutes wandering the aisles, trying to figure out what to cook. I usually spend $100 per visit, so it adds up to about $400 a month. … Read more

The April Fools Internship

I’ve been in the working world since 2003, and this is the first April Fools that I haven’t had coworkers to prank. It’s a little weird. You see, I’m a huge fan April Fool’s Day. I love a well-done prank, particularly one that is done in good taste and doesn’t inconvenience/hurt/scare someone. To me, a … Read more