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The Airport Story

The Airport Story

So, I wasn’t sure if I was going to tell this story, because once I put it on the blog, it’s permanent. But what good is a story if I don’t tell it on my blog? I mentioned earlier this week that I traveled to Virginia to speak at my old high school and spend […]

Two Businesses I Don’t Understand

Two Businesses I Don't Understand

Airlines. Is there any other business that can charge you drastically different rates depending on when you buy their product, be consistently late, and sometimes even cancel your service altogether, often without any refund? Imagine if, say, the deli down the street operated like an airline. If you buy a sandwich at 10:30 in the […]

Worst. Idea. Ever.

Today, American Airlines announced a new policy. A policy that will single-handedly bankrupt the airlines. A policy so bad, so stupid, that they will not only lose customers, but that will also cause more security-line logjams and problems when boarding the plane. Before I dwell on the negative, I just want to say that American […]

Pet Peeves and Bad Ideas

Yesterday I discussed some really good ideas. Today I venture onto the other side of the tracks. The side where bad ideas are manufactured like Ugg boots in a Chinese factory. Facial Tattoos There are a select few times in my life that I have thought tattoos were a good idea. One of them was […]