How I Saved the Environment Today

I saved the environment a few times a couple years ago by carpooling to work. I also save the environment on a regular basis by turning off lights when I leave the room, letting the yellow mellow, buying organic meat when I can, using canvas grocery bags, and recycling. Today I took it all to […]

Six Packs and Google

As poker started today, I plucked a can of Strongbow cider from the plastic rings that bound it to its kin. I also removed the last can and was about to throw away the rings before I stopped in my tracks. Something programmed into me since I was a kid held me back. “If you […]

The Urine-Mobile

I’ve done it. I’ve invented a fuel-less, emissions free car that will run for thousands of miles without needing to stop. Not even for a bathroom break. Okay, to clarify: I haven’t invented this car. But I thought of it, and I’m going to devote the rest of this evening to figuring out the complex […]

The Capitalist and the Bags

Yesterday I went to checkout at Straub’s, a local grocer, and realized I had forgotten my canvas bags in the car. I didn’t have much—a steak, two boxes of mac and cheese (Caroline had a craving), tikka masala simmer sauce, and a bottle of club soda—so I told the bagger that I’d carry everything to […]

How $3 Changed My Life

Months ago, I pledged to single-handedly save the environment by using canvas bags while grocery shopping instead of plastic bags. It was an ambitious goal, one only accomplished through a combination of tenacity, consistency, and memory. Apparently I have none of those traits, because I hardly ever use the canvas bags. This hasn’t been a […]

How I Saved the Environment

For one of my Christmas presents, both my mother and Caroline’s mother (unbeknownst to each other) gave us reusable grocery-store bags. It’s a good gift—very environmentally friendly. Several countries (China and Italy, I think) have recently made the news by outlawing plastic bags at grocery stores, so it’s probably something Americans should start to consider […]