What Is the Best Dark Chocolate?

Megan and I recently attended what I thought was going to be a chocolate-making class at the Botanical Gardens, but it turned out to be a chocolate-tasting class–even better! During the class we learned about how chocolate is made and different ingredients to look for on packaging to determine the quality and sustainability of the chocolate. … Read more

Do You Like Island Drinks?

I was at a gathering a few weeks ago when someone offered me an “island drink”. Up until that moment, I hadn’t considered that there was such a category of drink, even though I’ve had had plenty of them. Among these drinks–which could also be called “tropical drinks”–are pina coladas, mojitos, margaritas, daquiris, mai tais, … Read more

Which Sandwich Would You Name After Yourself?

I was listening to the “Life Is Short with Justin Long” podcast the other day, and he had an interesting question for the guest: If someone were to name a sandwich after you, what would be composition of the sandwich? Basically, imagine someone going to a deli or restaurant and asking for the “Jamey Stegmaier” … Read more

I Finally Learned How to Make Queso Dip

I love a good queso dip. It’s something I eat whenever I order from a Mexican restaurant, and Megan feels the same way. The only problem, as I recently discovered, is that queso dip is often made from American cheese or Velveeta. I’m sure I’ve had made queso dips with those cheeses and I didn’t … Read more

I Tried Crio Bru (Coffee Alternative)

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I want to pay better attention to how coffee impacts me (I typically drink 1 small cup each day). As an experiment, I bought a bag of Crio Bru, a cacao-based alternative to coffee that brews in a French press exactly like coffee, and today I’ll share … Read more

How Do You Eat Berries?

Over the last few years, my fruit intake has been steady but also relatively static: I eat some pineapple at lunch, a small orange at dinner, and some dried raisins and cherries with my nuts. It’s pretty rare that I eat berries, yet I often read articles about the value of incorporating berries into your … Read more

Would You Eat a Woolly Mammoth Meatball?

This is actually a preamble to a bigger question: Would you eat lab-grown meat? As vegetarian/pescatarian who enjoys Beyond and Impossible “meat”, I hardly ever crave actual meat anymore, but there are circumstances in which I would dabble in lab-grown meat, especially if it had a significantly smaller environmental footprint than farm-raised animals. But back … Read more