Just the Cats, Please

Just the Cats, Please

I just finished writing a long blog post on my company blog called “Just the Facts, Please,” I figured I’d mirror it with a considerably lighter post. 🙂 What’s the cutest thing your pet or human child has done recently?

Biddy vs. the Standing Desk

This is the extent to which Biddy is bothered by my electric standing desk. He could not be less impressed by it.

Default to Cat Photos

Default to Cat Photos

I’m up a little later than I hoped doing work stuff after seeing The Martian (which is awesome!), so I’m going to default to cat photos today. Biddy has a new structure to sleep inside, and he’s taken to sticking random body parts out of the little hole in the front. The protruding ear was the […]

Biddy’s Birthday and Fatherhood Lite

Biddy's Birthday and Fatherhood Lite

February 23 is my first (and favorite–sorry, Walter) cat’s birthday. Biddy Stegmaier turned 8 years old today. I wish the day could have been full of his favorite things, but he had a stomach bug, so treats and certain areas of the house were off limits. He did, however, spend some quality time on Window […]

Walter’s 8th Birthday

Walter's 8th Birthday

Today was Walter’s 8th birthday. Until recently I thought Walter was only about 4 years old, but my vet pointed out on some paperwork that he was not only twice as old as I thought, but he was also born on November 9, not in the spring as I originally thought. Of course, Walter was […]

How to Tempt a Cat

How to Tempt a Cat

Warning: This post contains cute cat photos. A LOT of cute cat photos. A few days ago, a friend mentioned a viral, tongue-in-cheek blog entry called “How to Trap a Cat.” Someone had created a circle on their carpet using duct tape, and within minutes their cat located the circle and sat in it. I thought that […]

Walter Goes to the Vet

Walter Goes to the Vet

Today I learned something new and surprising about my cat, Walter. If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know that I got Walter as a pet for Biddy. I’ve had Biddy since he was a kitten–he was born in February 2007. In January 2012 I decided that Biddy might be happier if he […]

The Cat Lady Cometh

The Cat Lady Cometh

Cat owners/lovers generally have one question on their minds: Should I get more cats? I’ve had Biddy for over 3 years now, and we have a pretty good thing going on. However, over the last few months he’s been really whiny at nothing in particular. He’s such a playful cat, and he seems really lonely […]

Cat Flips for the Flip

Thanks to an incredible deal on Woot! the other day, I have found myself the proud owner of the easiest-to-use video camera in the universe: the Flip Ultra. It’s so simple that it even has a built-in USB drive. So when you’re ready to upload the photos to your computer or YouTube, you just “flip” […]

Newsflash: Obama Selects Area Kitten for Cabinet

ST LOUIS, Missouri (AP) — Local kitten Biddy Stegmaier (I) has been offered the position of Secretary of Pinning Sheets to the Bed, an Obama insider says. Pending an official background check, Biddy will be sworn in with the rest of the cabinet on January 2o. “[Biddy] has the experience necessary for this job,” says […]

The Cat Toy

Ever since Caroline and Catface moved out, the kitten has been searching for a new favorite toy. It’s tough to beat a small, easy-to-scare ball of fur. The other day, I moved the couch to get a q-tip the kitten had knocked out of reach (the kitten LOVES q-tips), and I discovered a whole array […]

The Jamey Vault: Not-So-Sweet Caroline

Tuesday is a big day for this blog. For some reason, more people tune in on Tuesday than on any other day. Since I noticed this pattern, I’ve felt some pressure on Monday night as I prepare my Tuesday blog entry. My hubris is such that I long to entertain the masses. So tonight, I’m […]

Busy Guy

I’ve been pretty busy with my job recently, and will continue to be for the next 8 days, but I wanted to inform the world that my kitten spent the better part of this evening carrying a tampon (unopened and unused, fortunately) around in his mouth. There’s very nothing cuter than to see a young […]