March of Mad Ideas

March of Mad Ideas: The Winner

After nearly two months (yeah, I’ll format it differently next year), we have a winner for the March of Mad Ideas. Actually, we have a tie, but I’m the tiebreaker, and I’m casting my vote for… Sunroofs with rain sensors! What’s the next step? I’m going to patent the idea, contact Toyota, and as soon […]

The Final Four

“I don’t want to be the one that got away.” –Michael Scott, The Office“There was still so much left on my bucket list. So many different kinds of buckets I wanted to own.” –Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock In the NCAA men’s basketball tournament this year, there were four number one seeds vying for the top […]

Elite Eight

The day is here…only four matchups left. Two of the eight contenders are “their” ideas…and they’re good ones. I find it particularly interesting that those two ideas are representative of a tighter, more controlling government. I believe in the free market and capitalism, but I believe that allowing smoking in bars infringes on our right […]

Sweet Sixteen

Sixteen ideas left. Twelve of them mine. Who will win? I’ve put the sweet sixteen up on this blog. This is where the men (West Virginia) get separated from the boys (Duke). Vote to determine my future and the future of the known world. I haven’t been voting unless there’s been a tie, and a […]


Matchups So the results are in for part 2 of the round of 32. Most of the matches were blowouts, with the one tie going to Microsoft Format Painter vs. Grid-System Back Scratching. I’m going to go with the latter, as Caroline scratched my back about 15 minutes ago, and it was awesome. Dead skin, […]

A Common Misconception

A Common Misconception Today I’d like to discuss a misconception that adversely affects the lives of many people, especially young people. It’s a widely held belief that simply holds no truth to it. The belief? That he who smelt it, dealt it. The “smelt it, dealt it” (SIDI) principle has been around for centuries. It […]

The 32

After 25 days of mad ideas, we enter the second round. The round of 32. Of the winners, 10 were “their” ideas and 22 were “mine.” That makes sense, as I laud my ideas more than other ideas on this blog. But the remaining 10 are strong ideas—they’ll be tough to beat. I really wish […]

Brackets, Brackets Everywhere

Does it seem to anyone else that everyone and their mother has a March Madness bracket this year? In the last couple of days I’ve been inundated with bracket requests. Five, to be exact, and then I jumped on the Facebook bandwagon. Actually, that second clause is pretty important. After filling out the first five […]

More Mad Ideas

Sorry about the lack of “real” posts later…soon I will have time for them, but I’m quite busy at work. For now, more matchups and more winners as the “real” March Madness prepares to begin (on March friggin’ 20! Is that still March?!) TiVo Clothes over Smearable Ink: That’s a no brainer. TiVo clothes is […]

Belated Mad Ideas

Playing a little catchup today. Here are four matchups: Lumbar belts: Using large women’s belts for lower back support Vs. Jott: Service that transcribes voicemails you leave for yourself and e-mails them to you Drive-thru confessionals: So you can be sinless on the road and on the run Vs. Outsourcing the decoding of internet keywords: […]

Lost on Ice

Lost on Ice

Lost on Ice (Warning: Lost spoilers.) Eh. This episode wasn’t bad, per se, but it just wasn’t that interesting. Maybe I’m just used to watching rom coms that make two unrelated events seem connected, but it was obvious from scene one that Jin and Sun weren’t existing at the same time. But even if you […]

Ken Jennings and Surrogate Mothers

Someone mentioned to me today that if one of my ideas wins the March of Mad Ideas, I should commit to actually making that idea come to fruition. That makes sense to me. I’ll do it. Today’s winners: Biblio-Thru over blog comments in the sidebar, and Operation Flaming Streets over wide-mouth soda cans. 2-2 for […]

March of Mad Ideas

Looks like a court reporter for your life beat out chewy, tasty adult vitamins, and choosing where your tax money is spent won over an airplane with solar panels on its wings (I guess people don’t trust that as a reliable energy source). Today’s matchups…the second one is a really tough call: Using certain statistical […]

March of Mad Ideas

Today’s Matchups: Choosing where your tax money goes: If, for example, you don’t support the war in Iraq, you could indicate that you want your tax money to go to other programs. This increases the power of democracy. Vs. Airplanes with solar panels on the wings: An way to save the huge amount of gas […]

Lost Salad

(Warning: Lost spoilers) Another strong episode—we’re now at 5 out of 7 on the season. It’s confirmed that Penny’s father is behind something big, that he wants the island for himself. Probably to get rich. We learn about Goodwin, a character we had all but forgotten about. We learn how Ben killed all the Dharma […]

Is That Brain…Real?

Caroline recently sent me an article about how nanobots will be used in the future to increase human brainpower. According to Mr. Kurzweil (that’s right—he’s a “mister,” not a “doctor”…suspicious), “make us smarter, remember things better and automatically go into full emergent virtual reality environments through the nervous system.” Caroline seemed concerned about these robots […]

Short One

I’ll keep this short and sweet today…the matchups are as follows: Experience-based job-search engine: Job search engine that lets you search for all jobs that meet your qualifications Vs. Kaiten sushi (conveyor-belt sushi): A restaurant that allows you to pick sushi off trays as they pass by you on a conveyor belt Sunroofs with rain […]



Why do computers not remember HTML text? Like, if you’re on a website, and you fill in a text box with some information, if you accidentally click on the wrong like, when you return to the original page, the text is gone. Why can’t it save that text? When you open a folder in Windows, […]