The First Secret to Extreme Happiness

This week I’m exploring the secrets to extreme happiness based off a list of the happiest, most gratifying, most joyous, most awestruck experiences of my life. You can read more about the premise here. The first category I’m going to delve into is when these experiences of extreme happiness happened. There are a few that … Read more

Three Things My Father Taught Me

In honor of Father’s Day, I’ve decided to devote this entry to my father, Jay Stegmaier. Dad lives in Chesterfield, Virginia with my mom. Here are three things that I’ve learned from my father due to the living example he set for me. Patience Dad is the most patient person you’ll ever meet. He takes … Read more

I Choose to Race

Sometime between puberty and junior year of high school (the two of which are probably way closer in time than I’d like to admit), I became fast. Specifically, a fast sprinter. I mostly used this ability while playing soccer, but I also decided to join my high school’s indoor track team my senior year. It … Read more

A Leap of Faith

Staying on theme with Mother’s Day, the third and final perspective on my adoption–this time from my parents’ perspective–has been published on The other two articles in the series are linked in the opening paragraph in case you need to catch up. Leap of Faith: Adoptive Parents Share Their Perspective

A Mother's Words

I’m reading a book called Whatever It Takes: Geoffrey Canada’s Quest to Change Harlem and America, by Paul Tough. I just finished a section that delves deep into the reasons behind the question, “Why are poor people poor?” A few paragraphs jumped out at me with startling data that I wasn’t aware of. In the … Read more

The Birthmother Perspective

As a follow up to Adopting Me, an article about adoption I wrote for that has been widely read (3 weeks after publication, it’s still on the top 10 most popular list on the site), my birthmotherwrote about my adoption from her perspective in a piece published on the site today. This piece should … Read more