Pet Please #164: Mocktails

Quite recently we decided we were comfortable eating at restaurants again after a long 3 years of cooking from home and getting takeout/delivery. We’re still concerned about the COVID risk, so we’re proceeding with caution, but it has been really nice to enjoy a meal with friends and family at a few local restaurants. When … Read more

Superhuman Reflexes, Part 2

A few years ago I shared a pet please post about how good it feels when you catch something with superhuman reflexes. I’ve recently witnessed this twice and wanted to write down the stories before I forgot. They both involve Megan. The first happened on the yacht. Staircases on the yacht are steep, narrow, and … Read more

Pet Please #162: Delicate Golden Foil Around Candy Bars

I love chocolate in most forms. But today, while unwrapping a 48% cocoa bar from Endangered Species, I realized that I like chocolate even more when it’s packaged in that delicate golden foil that’s largely unique to chocolate. It doesn’t even need to be golden, as proven by Hershey’s kisses. There’s something magical about unwrapping … Read more