Hockey, Live Sports, and Beartown

I’m currently working my way through the Beartown trilogy, a novel about a hockey-obsessed small town in Sweden. I’m gobbling up the pages, as the author constantly drops ominous hints at things to come, and I’m fully invested in the characters. For a book about a hockey town, Beartown includes very little actual hockey. That’s … Read more

How Do You Like the New Format of American Ninja Warrior? (My Thoughts)

Summertime is American Ninja Warrior time, and we’ve watched the first 4 or 5 episodes of the latest season, all of them at the basic qualifying level. The show has made a few key tweaks this season so far (as well as upcoming episodes that are fully head-to-head), and I’m curious about your thoughts on … Read more

This Is Why I Root for Japan

A few days ago in the World Baseball Classic, Japanese pitcher Roki Sasaki hit an opposing batter with a 101 mph pitch. If this happened in a major league baseball game, it might result in a fight, verbal sparring over social media, and a feud lasting for years. The pitcher would refuse to apologize, even … Read more