The Great vs Shogun

We are currently alternating between two hour-long historical dramas in the evening, The Great and Shogun. We’re enjoying both shows quite a bit, so today I thought I’d share my early impressions. The Great follows young Catherine the Great as she marries Peter, Emporer of Russia, and navigates the royal court. The show balances a … Read more

Are You Watching Survivor 46 and/or Deal or No Deal Island? (My Thoughts)

Survivor is back! We’re two episodes in at this point–both clocking in around 90 minutes–and of course I’m loving it. We’re still getting to know this year’s cast, but there’s such a great variety of personalities and dynamics in play. Last season, Survivor switched to longer episodes, and it worked great. I think the longer … Read more

Help: We Need a New Lunchtime Show!

After recently finishing Unstable and Living With Yourself, Megan and I have tried out a few other lunchtime shows (20-30 minute shows, usually comedies), but none have hit home yet. I’m looking for recommendations. As a starting point, here are some shows on our list that we plan to try at some point; if you … Read more