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What Past Girlfriends Have Said About Me

What Past Girlfriends Have Said About Me

I’ve been single now for 3 consecutive months, the longest stretch in 5 years. I dated two women during that time, both of whom were very supportive of my writing. So much so that they wrote some entries on this blog. I recently went back and read some of these entries. I have to say, […]

The Caroline Vault: Cue Card Guy

Whenever Jamey inadvertently says something that I might construe as inappropriate (sometimes even borderline offensive…), after he realizes the error of his ways, he usually tries to cover his tracks by saying something overly nice, in a scripted voice. For example, if my hair is all messed up in the morning when I get up, […]

Censorship in America: Stick This in Your Backpack

Readers, I’m having a few problems with my editor/publisher that I think you may sympathize with, and I am writing this blog entry as a way of venting and sharing my frustrations. I just wrote my blog entry for the Caroline Vault (about the Georgia Peach). I wrote it by hand on a piece of […]

The Caroline Vault: A Georgia Peach…and I'm not talking about the drink

Jamey and I recently went to a wedding in Savannah, Georgia (for those of you who know them, it was Dave and Lisanne’s wedding). We met up with a couple of friends while we were there and decided to go get some drinks before the rehearsal dinner. A few people ordered beers, I ordered a […]

The Caroline Vault: In Ruins

Jamey and I went to go see The Ruins about a week ago because Jamey had read the book and wanted to see the movie. I didn’t know much about it other than it was a suspense/horror movie. Here are my thoughts about it: You’ll love this movie if you like movies about amateurs taking […]

The Caroline Vault: Water Bottles

The Caroline Vault: Water Bottles

In the era of the “oh so cool” Nalgene bottle, Jamey has taken a stand against conformity, homogeneity, and potable drinking water. Whenever Jamey goes anywhere, he carries water bottles with him—but not just any water bottles; Jamey uses old soda and other disposable plastic water bottles that he has refilled with water. He takes […]

The Caroline Vault: Dilution

Jamey has to dilute pretty much everything he drinks—alcohol, soda, and yes, even the drink of choice for toddlers, juice. The first time I saw him do this, I couldn’t believe my eyes…and yet now I’m used to it. Jamey pours himself a glass of juice, adds water (to quote him, it’s “3/5 juice, 2/5 […]

Caroline's Vault?

So I’m attempting to post this while Jamey is out of town in Austin, and let’s just say we’ll all be lucky if my actual writings make it up here as opposed to non-sensical gibberish and pictures that might be considered porn in many cultures. I’m kidding, but seriously, I’m not really sure how to […]