The Jamey Vault

The Jamey Vault: Caroline’s Cravings

If one were an anthropologist observing Caroline from afar, you’d find yourself absorbed in a subject whose appetite changes with every whim of the wind. One minute she’s sucking jalapenos dry, then next she’s lumbering off the grocery store to find marshmallows. She’s a creature of constant cravings. Sometimes the cravings are triggered by television […]

The Jamey Vault: There’s No Such Thing as Allergies

True story: Caroline and I almost didn’t date at all due to allergies. I’ve had allergies all my life. No known food allergies, but really annoying hay fever that causes stuffiness and watery eyes. I remember “crying” in second-grade art class due to the allergies…I think that’s when I learned that girls respond to sentimental […]

The Jamey Vault: Not-So-Sweet Caroline

Tuesday is a big day for this blog. For some reason, more people tune in on Tuesday than on any other day. Since I noticed this pattern, I’ve felt some pressure on Monday night as I prepare my Tuesday blog entry. My hubris is such that I long to entertain the masses. So tonight, I’m […]