The Great Wedding Gift Debate Survey Results

The Great Wedding Gift Debate Survey Results

Apparently you all are awesome, because 108 people took my wedding gift survey. This means that for the first time in the history of mankind, we have conclusive data about when you should buy people wedding gifts (answer: pretty much always if you’re attending the wedding) and how you should determine how much to spend. […]

Angel Baked Cookies…and a Cookie Contest

Angel Baked Cookies...and a Cookie Contest

There is a nonprofit in St. Louis called Angel Baked Cookies that you need to know about. Here’s how it works: Angel Baked Cookies is a nonprofit business in North St. Louis that makes and sells delicious cookies. It is staffed by a team of teenagers (after school) paid hourly and trained in business skills like […]

JoshVision: Question of the Day

QOD: At weddings, the groom slips his hands up the brideʼs dress and pulls out the garter. So in turn, why doesnʼt the bride extract the bouquet from the groomʼs pants? A: While it’s not exactly a tit for tat (pardon the pun) arrangement to have the bride retrieving her bouquet from the trousers of […]

Pet Peeve #137: Line Dancing at Weddings

After attending so many weddings in such a short amount of time, I’ve noticed a few trends, most of them positive. There is, however, one aspect of these weddings that happens during the dance portion of the evening that I’ve realized I really don’t like. If you read the subject line, you know what it […]