guy talk

Jamey dispenses wisdom and advice on the art of being a guy.


The Psychology of Sex

#1: How to Hold Your Beer

#2: How to Accept a Compliment

#3: How to Tell Someone Your Phone Number

#4: How to Express–or Gauge–Interest After the First Date

#5: How to Make Someone Like You More

#6: How to Get Someone to Agree with You

#7: How to Get Someone to Say Yes

#8: How to Influence People

#9: How to Approach the Friend Zone

 #10: How to Determine if It’s Okay if Your Mind Wanders

#11: How to Succeed in Life and Relationships by Not Eating the Cookie

 #12: High Risk, High Reward

General Guy Talk

7 Additional Things Every Man Should Know

6 More Things Every Guy Should Know

3 Extra Things Every Guy Should Know

3 More Things Every Man Should Know

8 Things Every Man Should Know

8 More Things Every Man Should Know

3 More Things Every Man Should Know

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Jamey also has a few bits of advice for women…

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Smell Like I Want You to Smell

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